Every time you throw your ball, it absorbs a small amount of oil, reducing friction and reaction on the lane. Over time this build up clogs the ball's pores and reduces hook-ability even further.

To keep your equipment at maximum performance as well as increasing its lifespan, you should clean the ball every time you finish bowling, be it a single practice game or a six-game tournament set. A good microfiber towel and a reactive bowling ball cleaner will do the trick, but if you want to maintain a matte or sanded finish, you'll want an Abralon® pad as well.

A rougher surface can be obtained by using the lower grit (500, 1000) pads and will have your ball reacting a bit sooner on the lane. The smoother surface you get with a higher grit (2000, 3000, 4000) pad will have it reacting a bit later, moving your break further down the lane.

If you aren't certain which pad to use, we can send you a variety of grits so you can experiment and determine which surface works best for you on your lanes. Visit our Contact Page to submit an order today.